We Are Owls

My favourite go-to scarf brand has FINALLY launched an online store!  Previously We Are Owls could be found at a few select stores in-house and online, however no one store ever carried the entire line and it was a crap-shoot to find the style you really wanted.  No more my friends, no more.

We Are Owls launched in January 2010 by cousins Emily and Ling Chen, along with close childhood friend Connie Lui.  The brand was conceptualized in the wee evening hours after their, then, day jobs hence the name after the beloved nocturnal bird.

The scarves are a cashmere & silk blend measuring 28″ x 80″, giving a super luxurious feel with plenty of fabric for draping and tying in many ways.  The designs are whimsical which appear beautifully random when tied.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I get whenever I wear one.

A scarf can elevate any outfit no matter the season and I love how many of these designs can be worn by either sex; my husband often steals mine!


All photos credit of We Are Owls.