Tales from a shoe-a-holic!  My husband will attest there is nary a good shoe store or department I can pass without feeling the deepest most animal need, yes NEED, to buy a pair…or two..or three.  I remember a commercial from a few years ago (I don’t know what it was actually for) where a woman is walking down one of those nice boutique type streets and the shoes from all the shoe stores keep jumping out of the windows and following her, when she gets home a guy opens the front door, he looks around to see all the shoes tapping away behind her and she shrugs and says “they followed me home”.  That’s EXACTLY how I feel!!

Here’s what I love about shoes: a) no matter what happens to your body your feet always stay the same size so if you buy good shoes and look after them you can have them for a very long time, b) a pair of fabulous shoes can transform even the simplest (inexpensive) outfit, c) high heels make your legs look longer, d) a killer pair of heels can make you feel like you are the sexiest most powerful woman on earth, e) and most recently they can also be used as weapons should you find yourself in any sticky situations (shweapons)!  See photo below.

Paul and I were recently in Houston visiting family over Christmas and there were some fantastic sales going on at Nieman’s and Saks where I bought a fabulous pair of purple suede Brian Atwood shoe-booties.  I also discovered a local Houston designer, Elaine Turner, who designs lovely shoes and handbags at very reasonable prices.  I bought a pair of cognac coloured ostrich ballet flats and the best thing about her shoes….she puts memory foam in the soles, so comfy!!

After that trip, and two pairs of shoes, I was supposed to be on shoe hiatus, unfortunately (or fortunately!) we found ourselves at The Room (at The Bay on Queen St) this past weekend where they were having their final blow out of fall stock.  Items that were already marked down by 60% were an additional 40% off the sale price (which actually totals about 76% off the full price).  Low and behold there were a few little pairs left in my size (surprising since I’m a size eight which is very average so this size usually goes quickly during sales).  I cannot NOT try them on, can I, no, good we’re in agreement.  The heavens parted and the angels sang the tune of a pair of hot pink suede Brian Atwood ‘Banshee’ heels at 76% off… ahhhhhh!  Suede and studs and peep toe, OH MY!  I look over at my adoring husband who is …. giving me the serious stink eye, but a deal that good cannot be passed up and those little babies went wheeee all the way home!  Although I had to sell my soul for these lovelies; I had to promise, PROMISE! no more shoes….. stay tuned.

I needed these for my safety don’t you think?!  These would certainly be considered weapons of opportunity should a lady have the misfortune of encountering fisticuffs of some sort.  You shouldn’t go out without safety precautions these days, you can never be too careful.