Beauty, hold the cancer please

Recently I’ve been trying to find beauty products that don’t contain all the carcinogenic and endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemical/synthetic ingredients that 99.9 percent of what you find in stores or online do.  The last couple years I’ve struggled with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) which is really not fun.  I’m not keen on taking prescription drugs so I’ve been trying to regulate it with naturopathic supplements, diet, exercise and eliminating toxins from my daily life (read the book ‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health’).  Beauty products have been at the forefront of this endeavour because not only are we putting them directly onto our skin, hair, etc, the average person uses anywhere from 5-12 different products (which can be comprised of 200-500 different chemicals) before even leaving the house in the morning.  It’s hard, especially when you still want results from your products.

I have naturally curly hair, not fro’ curly but curly enough that good shampoo and conditioner are a must.  This is one area of the beauty realm that the natural products are really not up to snuff.  I’ve been an Aveda user for almost twenty years…ugh..really…yowza, anyway, I’ve religiously used the Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner which makes my hair feel like spun silk.  Upon closer examination though Aveda contains a whole lotta’ chemicals I really don’t want absorbing into my body everyday.  So I switched and went to a completely organic, totally natural, ZERO chemical brand called Living Libations which is produced here in Ontario.  I used the Seabuckthorn Shampoo and Shine On Conditioner, both of which smell beautiful, like fresh herbs and fruit….because that’s exactly, and all, that’s in it!  The Shampoo gets a pretty good lather for a product with no sulfates or foaming agents of any kind, I like the conditioner but I needed to use quite a bit more than normal.  The only real downside is that all those pure, natural, organic, handmade ingredients are expensive; 240 ml of the shampoo is $40 and $45 for the conditioner, the shampoo comes in a 1 L option at $140, but the largest size of the conditioner is 500 ml for $80.  Compared to that the Aveda Damage Remedy, which is their most expensive shampoo & conditioner, looks like a steal at $72 for 1L of shampoo and $90 for 1L of Conditioner!  While I would love to continue using the Living Libations for my health it’s a bit cost prohibitive, so I’ll buy it as a treat every once and a while and continue looking for a happy median; products that at the very least don’t have ‘the dirty dozen’.