Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Marsala the colour is as rich and exotic as the word implies, like fortified wine or the Indian spice, it makes you feel flush. Marsala is warm, earthy and bold at the same time. It harkens back to the glamorous boho-chic 70’s era while dreams of Morroco and Talitha Getty dancing on a rooftop bound in your head.

To me this colour automatically implies texture: rich velvet, raw silk, leather, grasscloth, clay. If you want to update your décor with a sophisticated punch of colour which you won’t see everyday, or be easily bored with, Marsala is a brilliant way to go.

In the 15 years Pantone has announced a Color of the Year Marsala is one of few, if only second, colors to have a deep grounded hue with plenty of saturation and is by far my favorite.

Marsala: Pantone 18-1438