Gluten Free Flour

Most of the time I try to eat gluten free, I generally cheat when we go out to dinner ; )  One of the things I love about San Francisco (and California in general) is the level of health consciousness, eating gluten free there is easy with plenty of options and pretty much all restaurants willing to accommodate.  Last April we were at the Michael Mina & Rajat Parr run RN74 and all I had to do was mention to our server once that I was gluten free and everything I ordered was tailored for such without further inquiry or explanation.  Toronto isn’t quite so progressive yet, there are still some ‘humms’ and ‘hawws’ from service staff depending on where you go.

A most lovely and welcome surprise recently came from none other than Thomas Keller’s French Laundry (located in Napa); his R & D chef Lena Kwak recently developed a custom blended gluten free flour, named Cup4Cup, using cornstarch, rice flours, tapioca and potato starches.  Cup4Cup produces results closest to standard flour than any other gluten free option previously available.  Since we all can’t eat at The French Laundry Cup4Cup is now being sold at Williams-Sonoma stores.  YAY!

Many Bay Area restaurants and bakeries have adopted Cup4Cup, serving more gluten free options than ever.  Even sports fans can now indulge guilt free at AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants) where gluten free hot dogs & buns, hamburger buns, and Red Bridge gluten free beer are being served!  That is progress!

 Cup4Cup at Williams Sonoma