Fashion Seasons & DVF

One of the things that annoys me about fashion at times is the schedule of seasons; we’re still in the dead of winter (although from the weather we’ve been having in Toronto that is debatable) and spring/summer clothes are hitting the stores and pre-fall collections are already starting to show.  It would be nice if I could buy a turtleneck in the middle of winter if I so desired.  I understand designers have to plan seasons ahead for production but that doesn’t mean the clothes have to hit stores several seasons ahead.  I don’t understand this from a business perspective either, here’s why; fall and winter merchandise starts going on sale Black Friday (American Thanksgiving, last weekend in November), sale prices continue to drop until stores get spring stock in, then they ship out what’s left of the fall/winter stock end of Jan to the deep discount stores or websites, yet if I needed winter clothes now and winter clothes were full price in stores I would probably pay it.  As it is I hardly ever pay full price anymore because clothes are always on sale during the season I’ll actually wear it.  Sure sometimes that means a piece I loved is no longer available because I’ve waited for it to go on sale but I’ve realized there’s always something new I’ll love around the corner.  Stores, and designers would benefit greatly by waiting even a month before putting the next season out and discounting current season merchandise.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain since the current system works in my pocketbook’s favour, but as I said, sometimes I just want to be able to buy winter clothes IN winter.

What got me thinking about this was the fact that I was perusing one of my favourite designer’s websites DVF (Diane vonFurstenburg) when I noticed she posted the 2012 pre-fall runway looks and I thought ‘I could wear that now’!  Crazy.

Speaking on DVF ….. I adore her for a number of reasons (if you haven’t seen any of her clothes of late she’s come a long way from the wrap dresses she became famous for in the 70’s): her clothes are mid range in price (tops from $180-300 full price, $100-175 on sale), great quality (a lot of silks), they drape beautifully, are very flattering, effortlessly chic, and most importantly they are comfortable.  I particularly love her silk blouses to throw on with jeans and for their layering capability, under a jacket or sweater they’re not bulky.  They’re great for travel too, taking up very little room in a suitcase and can be easily steamed out (just hang them up in the bathroom when you shower).  She does a lot of very bright bold prints, which I’m not partial to, but if you look past those you will see a lot of solid colour, classic, never go out of style silhouettes.

I also like to support this brand because Diane is quite philanthropic, she not only gives money to but is personally involved in over 13 charities, plus founding the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation and creating the DVF Awards (honoring strong, courageous women who have rallied against and overcome adversity to affect positive change within their communities and on a global scale).  Diane has also signed The Giving Pledge (a commitment to give the majority of her wealth to philanthropy), one of only 65 people/couples in the world to do so.  So when I buy DVF I feel good that maybe in some small way my money is helping do some of that good.

Here is one of my favourite looks from Pre-Fall 2012.  I’m a fan of mixing edgy and romantic because I think every woman is a little bit of both.  The studs on the jacket and belt against the flowy blouse in soft pale green are a perfect mix.  The three shades of green are beautiful too but I don’t think I could pull off all three in real life, I’d probably go with a black pant.