Coco-Mat Mattress

Everyone knows the value of a good night’s sleep and therefore a good mattress, but how to find your perfect fit?

When Paul and I moved in together we decided to keep the mattress I had since it was better than his at the time.  It was a great mattress when my parents bought it for me in my teenage years, but going on 20 years and two herniated discs in my low back I was desperate for a mattress I could actually get out of in the morning.  Because of the dire need at the time almost 5 years ago we did not do our research; we went to a large scale mattress store, laid down on several, then bought one.  We spent a decent amount of money because a bed is an investment in your health.  In the beginning it was a revelation compared to the old mattress and many restful sleeps were had.  After a couple years though our lack of research was starting to show by way of uncomfortable, restless sleep and aching backs, both mine and Paul’s.  So I started researching, and research I did, this time over several years.

There are ten-plus (depending on which source you use) types of mattresses out there, each with their own brand related nuances.  Innerspring, pocket-coil, gel, latex, memory foam …. just deciding where to begin is dizzying.  Most people think the best place to start is comfort but that means different things to each and every body, so where do you go from there?  For us it was listing the things that are most important to our lives outside of comfort: natural non-toxic materials, environmentally sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing.  Those three things drilled the list down pretty quickly and I came across a brand, somewhat unknown outside Europe, called Coco-Mat.

Established in 1989 in Greece Coco-Mat‘s company philosophy is not only about getting the best sleep but doing so with a clear conscience:

“….we always try, in any way we can, to contribute to society, protect the environment, raise environmental awareness, promote sustainable development (“aeiphoria”), and support personal growth for our employees.

We use our bikes as much as we can. Recycling rates at our factory reach 96%. We actively support non-governmental organizations and charities. We respect the environment, but most of all, we respect each other. We promote equal opportunities among our employees and we embrace people from all sorts of ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds. We are the proud employers of many people with special skills (that’s our definition of the handicapped).

We always make sure that nothing we do leaves a negative footprint on the environment or society. And we strongly believe that being socially responsible is our constant duty, one we undertake with consistency and modesty. And we try to pass on our ideas and a healthy attitude of responsibility and comradery to everyone we meet.

We pride ourselves on being the makers of the best beds in the world. And we know that together, we can also make a better world. It just takes a little try.”

Wow, right!

The mattresses are made of coconut fiber, natural rubber, horse hair, seaweed, cactus, cotton, wool, linen, goose down, lavender, jute and wood.  Each mattress made by hand to fit the human body and each component of these beds actually works to assist a person’s overall health.  Seaweed doesn’t trigger asthma, allergies, and thyroid hormones like synthetic materials and chemicals used in most standard mattresses do; horsehair eases rheumatism; cactus regulates humidity, and coconut fiber helps ventilation and maintains elasticity for over 20 years.

Coco-Mat has won numerous awards in Europe for their product and their practices but where could we try one?  Online research, in-store discussions with sales-reps and a short lay down can only tell you so much about any mattress.  An actual sleep is the ultimate test and this time it was not a purchase Paul and I were willing to make otherwise.  Luckily Coco-Mat has a ‘Hotel Locator‘ on their site to find which hotels are Coco-Mat partners and over the course of the last few years we used this feature when making travel plans.

Our Coco-Mat hotels stays were the most comfortable and restful either of us have ever had, hands-down!  The clincher was our recent trip to Italy where we serendipitously happened across the showroom in Milan and tested it out again.  As a result of my herniated discs I cannot lay down completely flat on my back (with my legs flat), ever …until I lay on this bed.  Imagine feeling not one pressure point, as though you are weightlessly snuggled!  Not only did we come away our minds set but with two complimentary scented pillow sachets (at this price point customer service is second to none).  I fantasized of this mattress often, but superior all-natural materials and best practices don’t come cheap so we’ve had to wait, and save … and wait, and save…

…. and dreams really do come true, we finally bought our Coco-Mat Proteas mattress!  Unfortunately there is a teensy bit more waiting involved since all Coco-Mat products are hand made to order at the factory in Greece with a lead time of 8-12 weeks.  The end of December cannot come soon enough.

Not ready to factor in Coco-Mat hotels into your next European vacation?  No worries, how about a weekend in NYC where they recently opened a 5,650 square-foot flagship.  There was much fanfare when this store opened in SoHo with a private room where you can test the mattress for 3 hours.  Reserve the private room to snuggle into the bed dressed in plush European linens and you will be treated to complimentary food, drinks, robe and slippers.  Of course no nap is complete without scented candles and a luxury over-sized shower to freshen up after.  Couples are welcome but forgo the naughty business please.

Coco-Mat has a downloadable, very comprehensive, consumer catalogue here.  Prices from $1,400 to $35,000.