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Consonant Body Swap

Consonant Body is having a fantastic promotion starting tomorrow (Feb 14th), bring in an old (or current) product to swap with one of Consonant’s you would like to try and get a 50% discount!  How sweet it is, and just in time to treat yourself…

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The Dirty Dozen

I am constantly on the lookout for beauty products that don’t have any chemicals in them, let alone the really harmful ones.  While I was doing the research over the last year my personal list for chemicals to avoid became many pages long, to the…

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Beauty, hold the cancer please

Recently I’ve been trying to find beauty products that don’t contain all the carcinogenic and endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemical/synthetic ingredients that 99.9 percent of what you find in stores or online do.  The last couple years I’ve struggled with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) which is…

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