Black Friday Shopping

As Canadians we generally don’t get too worked up about ‘Black Friday’ however after having lived in the US for a while I started to understand the madness.  The deals can be silly good!  I won’t be heading south of the boarder to line up like a crazed person and risk getting trampled, but I will be sitting comfortably on my sofa having a glass of wine in front of my laptop at midnight on Friday.

One of my favourite online stores is Net-A-Porter, a luxury retailer that is normally a wee bit out of my price-range, however that doesn’t stop me from having a wish-list a mile long; a wish-list which I will be refreshing every minute past midnight ready to pounce, like a lion on her prey, as soon as the sale starts!  Last year I waited until I woke up in the morning and almost every item on my list had gone on sale from 30-70% off, and unfortunately by that time were also almost all sold out…GAH!  Not this year, no, I have planned for this, and have a ‘black-friday-shopping-budget’ that is eating a hole in my pocket.

That being said, I still like to make sure I get the best deal.  I shop around and price check the department stores to the direct brand sites.  Already some stores have marked down their merchandise, DVF has a blouse on sale from my list for $208 that is still full price on NAP ($298), Nieman Marcus has already marked down a Theory blouse on my list from $245 to $147 (still full price at Theory).  I am waiting for the deep discounts to start rolling in Thursday night/Friday morning though…stay tuned.